Sports Betting Guide

There has been quite a massive increase in online betting in Singapore over the last decade. This is why millions of people visit sports betting sites each day. The only issue is that betting on sports is considered illegal in Singapore, except for horse racing and football, as it is offered by Singapore Pools. Although there is a slight risk involved, one can take full advantage of the sites to bet on sports.

If you are looking for the top sites for sports betting in Singapore, you should have one that offers the best services. HoodaWord is the best review site in Singapore that gives a complete review of all the top Singaporean sites. So, whether you are a new or an existing customer, HoodaWord will guide you with unique features, deposit methods, a range of markets, and a lot more.

List of the Top Sports for Betting in Singapore


When we talk about the popularity among punters, football is the top game for Singaporeans. The English Premier League is at the top for online betting in Singapore, but leagues like La Liga are also close behind. Prop bets are the most popular betting online markets. With the help of sports betting tips, bettors realize the advantages of wagering.

Horse Racing

The tradition of horse racing goes back to the 19th Century in Singapore, and this sport has always enjoyed a loyal following. The prestigious races of sports betting online in Singapore can generate millions, and there is a good choice for horse racing fans. The bettors can go for offshore online betting sites and predict their chosen horse.


Singapore comes with a rich tradition of cricket, and its team is on a mission to qualify for a major tournament. Because of the increasing popularity of cricket in all parts of Singapore, betting on these sports has also increased. By going for the sports betting login on the top sites, bettors can have some great opportunities of making money. They can bet on the number of boundaries, a particular player, and the outcome of the match.


Basketball is another very popular sport in Singapore. Because of the worldwide appeal of the NBA, thousands of Singaporeans bet on basketball. The point spread has become the most popular betting market. Here, the players bet on a particular team to win by more than specific points. The top sites have made all the points of sports betting explained in a straightforward manner to the players.


Golf has high stature in Singapore because of the fact the headquarters of the Asian tour is there. Singapore tour is known to be a flagship event. This is the reason why sports betting SG on golf has become hugely popular. There are great prices for the players in their favorite tournaments, and one can find excellent value by backing the best players.

How to Sign Up for a Sports Betting Site in Singapore?

The process of opening your new account at a sports betting site is relatively easy. A player can be up and running and place a bet in just a few minutes. As a player, you need to provide standard information across all betting sites.

  • In order to place the wager, the first step for you is to pick the bookmaker. Next, you need to go to the Homepage and click on Register. This way, you can also place your betting in Singapore Pools sports.
  • In the next step, you just have to provide your name, date of birth, address, and all the contact details. After that, you will create your username and password.
  • When your account is created for online sports betting Singapore, you can now deposit some funds. Making the deposit is quite simple, as you have to choose the currency and deposit method.
  • After making the deposit, the fun part begins. You can now place bets on your favorite sports.
  • If you can secure a few winnings, then you have the option of withdrawing the cash. This can be done by going to the ‘Cashier’ section and then clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button.

What are the Ways to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site?

i. Consider the Odds

When you are choosing the best sports betting sites, odds are considered to be the most crucial factor. By comparing the odds of different sites, the process becomes easy for you, as the prices can impact how much you can make from winning the bets. As a result, you will notice that it will become more critical than the bonuses & rewards.

ii. Read the Reviews

The reviews of any bookmaker are readily available, and they give a detailed breakdown of different operators. With the help of the reviews, the readers will be able to find out everything from odds and markets to payments and bonuses. Reviews are always worth checking out if one wants to see how the sports betting website operates.

iii. Look for the Promotions

If you are into sports betting, it is essential that you always check out the promos that a bookie offers. It doesn't matter if you are a new or an existing customer; a price boost, free bet, and an insurance offer can indeed be very useful for you.

iv. Look at the Features

When it comes to Singaporean betting sites, you only have a chance to try them after buying. Therefore, it is better that you go for sports betting tips. As a player, nothing can stop you from entering a sportsbook and having a look at its features. This will give you a good idea about understanding how easy it is to operate the site as a potential customer.

What Kind of Bonuses & Promotions are Offered by the Singaporean Sports Betting Sites?

Sign up Bonus

This kind of bonus is the biggest and the most appealing one. The sign-up bonus is available for everyone, and you can claim it when you make the first deposit in sports betting online. After making the deposit, you will be able to receive a bonus equal to the percentage of the varying degree. Some sites may demand that you enter a bonus code, while others may not need it.

VIP Programs

A loyalty or a VIP program at a betting site works the same way as in airlines and supermarkets. When you go for sports betting login, you will be awarded points for placing the real money bet. You can exchange the points later for free bets as well as any other rewards.

Boosted Odds

You get sports betting explained from the top sites. The boosted odds are a type of promotion that does what it says. It helps to increase the odds on a particular bet, and if the gamble comes in, the players can get a higher chance of winning. 

Which Payment Methods are Available for Sports Bettors in Singapore?

When we talk about the sports betting SG, the process of making the payments is made quick and simple for the customers. It means that the players can deposit and withdraw their funds without any issues, as there are several available payment methods. The most popular forms of payment include:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank transfers
  • E-wallets
  • Other online payment systems

Another popular method of payment is bitcoin for online sports betting Singapore. The best thing about payment through bitcoin is that the players can make quick and painless deposits and withdrawals. When you are able to use cryptocurrency as a preferred method of payment, you will find it to be the most convenient one. 

Whether it is betting through the Singapore Pools sports or any other medium, cryptocurrency has become the upcoming trend in Singapore. This is why all the top betting sites in Singapore allow bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

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