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About Us

Casino Online Malaysia is a new trending sensation for casino lovers nowadays. It was predicted long ago that the pandemic situation will change the entire course of every industry, including trade, education, hospitality, health, management, and entertainment. All of them are gradually shifting to online platforms.

The Internet has now become the direct and sole medium of each industry. The world is embracing this change really fast. The acceptance of the online platform for every aspect of the provision is on a drift.


In this situation, the urge to shift leading sources of enjoyment and delight to the online pulpits is indispensable. The gambling industry is not falling behind in this race. All the popular casinos are launching their own websites and mobile applications to provide their users an entertaining gateway in the comfort of their cozy rooms.

This availability started new chaos to find an excellent online casino for a layman. Hoodaword.com is presenting its services in this regard and sorting out the top online casinos in Malaysia.


Our vision is to provide maximum available knowledge to the new and existing prospects of the gambling industry. A detailed encounter of online casino Malaysia will be given on our website so that the potential player can clear out all the doubts and choose the right casino according to their preferences.

Hoodaword.com is collecting primary and secondary data from all the available online casinos operating in Malaysia. Then streamline the direct information and review on the website for players to compare and contrast the best one for themselves.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the correct information to the best available data and records of authentic sources. Hoodaword.com aspires to review a whole lot of online casinos Malaysia so that it reaches out to each needy casino player for the sake of entertainment purposes. We also gather legal information for our visitors to make them fully aware of the laws and regulations about the online casino industry evolving in Malaysia.

The Criteria Of Reviewing Online Casinos

Our criteria for reviewing the website are based on the following parameters.


First of all, we gather the information of the online casino Malaysia based on their inception. The longer the casino is operative, the more you can trust one. The history also reveals the reputation of the casino in the eyes of players. The higher the number of players, the more likely it has a good reputation.


The quality of softwares they are offering, the website, and the mobile applications is another criterion for evaluating the character of the casino online Malaysia. If the layout is attractive, the design is engaging, and the interface is user-friendly. It means the casino is reliable. 

It also reflects that the casino is honest with their members and want more prospects to come and join their online casinos for the purpose of fun and unwinding. Also, Suppose the website has launched both the website and mobile app for their users. In that case, they want to create a pleasant user experience for their customers.


Another critical determinant of review is available games on the website. The variety and quality of games they are providing must be upto the mark.

Social Media

These platforms are very transparent in showing the good or bad reputation of any person, place, or institution. The presence of an online casino in Malaysia on maximum media shows the popularity and trust users put in the casino.

Bonuses & Promotions

The bonuses and promotions offered by the casinos show the market competition and what is truly a casino offering to the player members.

Security & Fairplay

The protection of player's personal and financial data is a sensitive and inevitable matter. The use of encrypted channels to process the information is highly recommended thus practiced by trustworthy online casinos in Malaysia.

Banking Process

Either virtual or physical casino games involves the deposit and withdrawal of money. The process and means of funds transfer should be highly protected to avoid any kind of breach and theft of the funds. Moreover, a trustworthy casino will onboard most banks to facilitate its users.

Customer Support

Customer support is the key factor in evaluating the online casino Malaysia. The best customer care ensures a more desirable pre and post-customer experience.

The Best Casino Review Site In Malaysia

Hoodaword.com is the best online casino review website in Malaysia. We wish to provide as much authentic information to the players as possible. We strive to carry out the best possible research to pick and choose top class online casino Malaysia and place it in front of you to choose.
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